The September Issue: B'day Edition

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

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This episode drops on Beyonce’s 37th birthday so it’s only appropriate we discuss her Vogue September 2018 cover article and what a great example she's setting. 

We're also discussing that viral Brooklyn nail salon video - yes, THAT ONE - and what it made me think about supporting black-owned beauty businesses.

But first I'm catching you up on my summer, including my quick thoughts on why you need to see the birthday girl on her On the Run II tour and my recap of TWO independent beauty expos.

***Please excuse the sound issues. Part of my transition means I had to record in less than ideal conditions!!***

Check out the links to articles, companies and products I mentioned on the episode here:

Indie Beauty Expo

  1. Ethique, the eco-friendly personal care brand

  2. L.O.V., the European makeup brand with magnetic (I said metallic, I meant magnetic) eye shadow pots

  3. Shea Terra, the skincare brand that uses African black soap and other African indigenous ingredients that are good for you

Project Beauty Expo

  1. Kreyol Essence, the Haitian skincare brand you'll soon see everywhere

  2. Girl and Hair, the brand that wants you to care for your scalp under those weaves, braids, wigs and extensions!

  3. Beija Flor Naturals, the wash-and-go friendly brand created for curls, kinks and coils

Beyonce’s VOGUE Interview

That semi-viral Brooklyn nail salon attack

The New York Times article about unethical NYC nail salons

Molas Boutique Spa in Brooklyn, NY

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